Urgent Care

IN AN EMERGENCY please remember to breathe, and connect with your spiritual source. The Bach flower Rescue Remedy is a helpful for humans and pets alike in stressful situations.

Urgent text messaging is now available! Our urgent response fee is only $25 in addition to standard phone consult charges, $2.50/min, and has brought peace of mind and much needed support to hundreds of clients! Patient health care coordinating is a mere $1.50/minute, Please see our current fee schedule for more information.

  • URGENT PHONE CONSULTS AND TEXTING: For all existing clients, Doctor Amara is available  for urgent phone consultation as well as texting. Whether your beloved pet just got into something they shouldn’t have, have a question that will keep you awake all night, you’ve noticed some malady that wasn’t there before, or are in dire need…we’re here for you! Technology has brought Dr Amara even closer with the text messaging care she provides.
  • PATIENT HEALTH CARE COORDINATING: Doctor Amara is also available for patient health care coordinating, and is excellent at acting as you or your pet’s advocate at emergency hospitals or with your primary care physician or veterinarian. Doctor Amara has assisted hundreds of clients in difficult cases, using her extensive holistic network to help you get the answers you need! She can also offer suggestions of other holistic-friendly referrals if needed!