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Tamara Hebbler has been treating both my dogs, Chiclet and Jiggy, since 2004. She completely changed my views about health care and has worked tirelessly for years to keep Jiggy’s autoimmune liver disease at bay. I particularly like that she brings in consultants when she thinks it’s necessary. I trust her with my precious dogs’ lives — and that’s saying a lot.

~Jan Rasmusen, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
National award-winning author of Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care
www.dogs4dogs.com and www.truth4dogs.com

Dr. Hebbler has been our primary vet for over ten years. She has been such a blessing for us. She has provided our animals with such amazing loving care, we don’t know where we would be without her.

~Tammy Williams, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I am so grateful to have finally found a DVM who has the expertise and guts to advocate what’s right even if it’s not always popular to do so.

I’ve always been an avid believer of holistic medicine for myself and would get frustrated that I couldn’t find the same level of care for my pets. I have used several good DVMs that combine eastern and western traditions but none of them were skilled in muscle energy testing. When I recently adopted a dog with allergies, I was dreading the challenge of the upcoming allergy season. Thanks to Dr Hebbler, my dog is now on a diet and supplement routine that will help eliminate her allergies. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Hebbler and your amazing staff.

~Lori Walton, San Diego, CA

I simply cannot express enough my feelings of wonder and gratitude for Dr. Hebbler’s being in this world. She is an amazing Veterinarian and she is an extraordinary human being. I feel blessed to know her, and I call her my little Guardian Angel, and I’m proud to be one of her patients.

~Shellie Carlin, Murrieta, CA

Awesome, Extremely Knowledgable and Loving Vet!
After 4.5 years of unsuccessfully treating my dog (chi mix) with numerous other vets (including derm specialists) for what were thought to be skin allergies, Dr. Hebbler has diagnosed my dog with hypothyroidism, with a simple blood test which no other vet had thought of. Finally, I now have the correct diagnosis and a safe and effective treatment for Trixie – medication and supplements, and no more harmful steroids. Dr. Hebbler is very knowledgeable, very professional and very caring, as is her entire staff! I am so grateful and happy that Trixie and I found Dr. Hebbler and Healing Hope.

~Melanie Burke, Rancho Bernardo, CA

Using her as your pet’s veterinarian is a “NO BRAINER”. Why wouldn’t you provide your pet with the same level of care you expect for yourself?

My husband and I have been pet owners for the past 16 years, using traditional veterinary medicine for various felines we have been blessed to know along the way. In 2010 one of our 14 month old kittens was diagnosed with asthma. This was a very frightening thing to hear and no real recommendations were made as to how to deal with the condition. In researching feline asthma, the most frequently used treatment was prednisone and inhalers. A short life expectancy was looming in my kitten’s future.
In my moment of greatest need, my path intersected with Dr. Hebbler’s. Her ability to evaluate the environment, diet, and disposition of my guy was remarkable. Her caring nature not only encompassed my cat but also myself. She has been supportive in recommending changes and her treatments have improved not only my pet’s life but mine as well.

I was truly amazed when instructed to complete a nine-page questionnaire before our first appointment. When have you ever had to give more than your contact information and method of payment to your vet? This was the most comprehensive evaluation that has ever been conducted on any of my animals and speaks to the level of concern and belief in holistic healing that Dr. Hebbler practices. She is truly “one in a million”.

~Kathleen Gibbons-Worrall, Rancho Bernardo, CA

I brought my cat, Luna, to Dr. Hebbler to help treat her gastrointestinal issues (specifically chronic vomiting). She had previously by seen at VCA Emergency where she was given a drug cocktail that included an immune suppressant. Having her immune system lowered is not my idea of a proper long term solution.

I immediately liked Dr. Hebbler and her whole staff. They are knowledgeable and genuinely caring. It is a pleasure bringing Luna to her vet appointments now! And she is doing much better now with her homeopathic remedies. She is a happy cat!

Thank you Healing Hope!!

~Gina Benedetto, San Diego, CA

The quality of life experienced by Polly (with cancer) has been exceptional. Thank you for having the courage to be a holistic vet, and for your guidance in treating Polly.

~Janet Franks, Murrieta, CA

Dr. Hebbler is a one of a kind veterinarian and healer. I speak from personal experience for my animals and myself. She has opened my eyes to the bigger picture of why our animals are here and their purpose in our lives. She walks the talk and lives the life she asks pet owners to consider, to be open to healing through our animals and to allow our animals guide us on our path. She asks us to ask the tough questions and to consider for a moment the alternatives to what is currently not working.

She believes in an integrative approach to our pet’s health and well-being and is an advocate for empowerment through education and truth. Holistic veterinary care is not the same as standard veterinary care and neither is the cost, but consider the cost of kidney disease, malnutrition and cancer. One visit to Dr. Hebbler can literally change the course of your life and, most importantly, your pet’s. Peace and love people, peace and love.

~Elizabeth Allen, San Diego, CA C4Paw, Crusaders 4 a Pristine Animal World